Beer & Food Pairings

  • Bock


    A malty dark lager often served to take chill off. There are single, double bocks. Even a triple bock similar to port wine.

    Recommended Foods - Stews. With triple bock - chocolate or creamy desserts
  • Brown Ale

    Brown Ale

    Ranges from sweet to dry in maltiness and often with nutty accents

    Recommended Foods - Fish and chips or just some nuts
  • Dark Lager

    Dark Lager

    Known for its clean roundness, not too sweet, not too dry and often has spicy maltiness

    Recommended Foods- Pizza, sausage and spicy chicken dishes
  • Fruit Beer

    Fruit Beer

    Made with hint of fruit essence used in brewing process.

    Recommended Foods - Salads and fruit desserts
  • Pale Ale

    Pale Ale

    A full flavored brew with a hoppy finish

    Recommended Foods - Hearty foods such as sausages and beef
  • Pilsner


    A light, dry lager, typically well hopped with subtle maltiness.

    Recommended Foods - Seafood
  • Porter


    Very dark with a pronounced bitterness and rich foamy head.

    Recommended Foods - Oysters and bold flavored beef dishes
  • Red Ale

    Red Ale

    Refreshing with a mild bitterness

    Recommended Foods - Meat dishes - beef, chicken, lamb or even smoked fish
  • Steam Beer

    Steam Beer

    This a brew with clean drinkability of a lager combined with full bodied complexity of an ale

    Recommended Foods - Shellfish
  • Stout


    Roasty and pleasantly bitter like Porter but usually drier and creamier.

    Recommended Foods - Shellfish, especially crab and lobster.
  • Wheat Beer

    Wheat Beer

    Refreshingly tart and carbonated.

    Recommended Foods - Chicken, seafood, salads and vegetable platters