Summertime Is Here!


Summertime is upon us; hot days, warm evenings, farm fresh produce, and good times with friends and family. While IPAs may rule the craft roost, we find the perfect accompaniment to warm weather fun and entertainment is a crisp and refreshing lager.

Today we will feature a four of our favorite summer beers. They run the gamut from traditional to cutting edge. One common quality they all share is their drinkability and thirst quenching refreshing taste.

Sierra Nevada Nooner Pilsner

One of our favorites is Sierra Nevada Nooner Pilsner. Pilsner beers get their name from the Czech city of Pilsen where they were first brewed in the 1840's. Our friends in Chico offer us a world class example of the style – brewed fresh and local. It's dry and refreshing and goes perfectly with the foods we enjoy in summer, grilled chicken and fish, salads, pastas and fresh Brentwood corn.
5.2% ABV ~38 IBU

Available in bottles, cans and draft.

Trumer Pilsner

Another delicious Pilsner comes from our neighbors in Berkeley: Trumer Pils. The good people at Trumer have been brewing this classic for over 400 years in Salzburg Austria. A few years back, after searching for a US location, they discovered that Berkeley had very similar water to Salzburg, and soon after, production of American Trumer began. They brew only one beer, and they get it right. This is one of the classic examples of the style and not surprisingly, this beer has won a lot of awards. Prost!
4.9% ABV ~26 IBU

Available in bottles, cans and draft

Deschutes Pacific Wonderland

With a different take on the style, Deschutes offers their new Pacific Wonderland Lager. This beer is dry-hopped with Tettnang Mandarina, a newer hop varietal, which along with the typical herbal and earthy notes, expresses a citrusy, tangerine-like flavor that makes it exceptionally refreshing and delicious.
5.5% ABV ~40 IBU

Available in bottles and draft

Firestone Walker Pivo Pils

Let's head on down the central California coast to see how the Lion & Bear engineer a tasty Pilsner. A few years back, Matt Brynildson, Brewmaster at Firestone Walker was feeling inspired by an Italian beer, "Tipopils" which used traditional Bohemian ingredients,infused with an extra hop punch, via dry-hopping. The result is "Pivo" Hoppy Pils (the Czech word for beer) an exceptional marriage of tradition and innovation. This Pilsner uses 100% German malt, hops and yeast that give it the characteristic floral and herbal flavors. The twist comes from dry-hopping with Saphir hops, which give it the distinctive taste of Bergamot zest and Lemongrass.
5.3% ABV ~40 IBU

Available in bottles and draft